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7/02/2017 Randomly Candid 0 Comments

Aside from eating, travelling, taking photos, watching movies, and surfing the internet, among others, basically, I love to write.

Writing has been part of my daily routine ever since (even when I'm still on my younger years). I took up Journalism in college and eventually worked as a journalist.

Blogging has become an outlet for me to air my unpublished thoughts and continue my passion which is writing. It pushes me to experience new adventures and share my unforgettable experiences to the rest of the world.

I am a self-proclaimed blogger. This blog serves as a platform for me to reach wider audience and inform the public of the latest happenings, the must-sees and the must-tries not only in Iloilo, but also in other areas where I go.

I named it as "Randomly Candid" because this blog tackles everything and anything under the sun (but more of the travel and food, ofcourse). The articles that I place here are mostly random thoughts and candid posts of my adventures and travels.

Enjoy browsing my page and don't forget to leave comments! See you around, fellas!

Love lots,